How to write attractive meta descriptions

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Google Webmaster Grows Image from Moz.

Examples of how to make meta tags - How to create good meta tags

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How am I proving to do that. Google words language and demands synonyms and topics. Easy WP Meta Description WordPress Plugin This is a free and very simple plugin, which allows you to write a separate description for each post, page or custom post type.

which is added as a meta description to the html head. One way to combat duplicate meta descriptions is to implement a dynamic and programmatic way to create unique meta descriptions for automated pages. If possible, though, there's no substitute for an original description that you write for each page.

Meta Description is often neglected by SEOs because a few years ago, Google made it very clear in their blog post that Meta Description doesn’t impact the search rankings.

But Google also said that they use it for generate the search snippet. If you are working with tons of custom post types, trying using the Yoast meta description template so you can customize the basic variables to craft a custom template meta description without having to re-write a new one every single time.

In this example, we have highlighted the meta-description in yellow. As you can see, the meta description is a short snippet of text which we’ve used to incorporate a strong marketing message to encourage people to click through to our website.

How to Write a Meta Description. Writing SEO meta descriptions in best practice across mobile and desktop SEO 03 Jul 18 | Luke Richards Back inmy colleague Christopher Ratcliff wrote an excellent how-to guide about meta descriptions here at Search Engine Watch.

How to write attractive meta descriptions
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