A description of baccio della porta

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Baccio Della Porta Essay

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Fra Bartolomeo or Bartolommeo OP (28 March – 31 October ), also known as Bartolommeo di Pagholo, Bartolommeo di S. Marco, and his original name Baccio della Porta, was an Italian Renaissance painter of religious subjects.

Fra Bartolommeo, Bartolommeo also spelled Bartolomeo, also called Bartolomeo della Porta or Baccio della Porta, (born March 28,Florence [Italy]—died Oct. 31,Florence), painter who was a prominent exponent in early 16th-century Florence of the High Renaissance style.

Fra Bartolomeo (–) ; Alternative names: Baccio della Porta, Baccio di Paolo del Fattorino, Bartolommeo di San Marco, Bartolomeo di San Marco, Bartolommeo del Fattorino, Bartolomeo del Fattorino, Bartolommeo et Sancti di Paolo di Jacopo popolo di San Felice, Fra Bartolommeo, Porta, Baccio della, Bartolomeo delle Porta, Bartolomeo di Paolo, Bartolomeo di Paolo del Fattorini.

Bartolommeo (Baccio della Porta): A superb Renaissance painter of religious subjects, Fra Bartolommeo lived and worked in both Venice, Florence and Rome. This artist is listed under various names, Bartolomeo, Baccio della Porta, Bartolommeo del Fattorino, Fra Bartolommeo di San Marco, Fra Bartolommeo di Pagholo.

Baccio della Porta joined the followers of Savonarolas, Mariotto associated with the Medici followers, specifically working for the patron Alfonsina Orsini who was the wife of Piero de ” Medici. After Savonarolas was burned during the violent riots of the arrabiati.

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A description of baccio della porta
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